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Su, 25/08/2019
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Minecraft Premium Accounts Activator
Minecraft Premium Accounts Activator


username: CodeUrLifeTeam_User024

How to use it?

1. watch the video to the END!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_8dyl-hOzLg&feature=youtu.be
2. Run the .exe
3. put the correct username and serial in the secureX fields
4. click on navigate to minecraft.net
5. log in with your account
6. click "im signed in!"
7. put your data in the textfields on the now active window
8. click activate
9. wait until the process is done
10. have fun playing

- - - PROTECTION - - -

* * * secureX Protexion 2013 by CodeUrLifeTeam * * *

- - - ? FAQ ? - - -

Q: Can I get a ban from Minecraft?
A: Of course you CAN but doesn't mean that you will.

Q: The Browser gives me an error, why?
A: Did you let the tool access the network?

Q: Can I hack anyones account with this tool?
A: No you can't!

Q: The program said "Done!" but I still can't play?
A: Did you type your data right? Maybe you need to wait a bit longer.



Downloads: 1102
Link status: online


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5 lolshade  
i checked some of your other pages and the link is not there for me.

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4 Felipe  

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2 BanditGamer  
Where can i download it?!
The Link is not there?!

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3 comyD  
look a bit above it says download...

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1 ceza1  
pls give me minecraft premium acc

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