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Su, 25/08/2019
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A new program to add views to any YouTube videos.


How to use it?


If you don't want to watch this video:

1. get the treads up to 5
2. go to the first page and put in the URL of your video
3. select the number of views you want to add
4. finally click on the "Increase views!" button
Download:download button
Downloads: 1011
Link status: online
Category: Hacks | Added by: comyD (30/06/2012)
Views: 3758 | Comments: 9 | Tags: magic, increase, magicviews, views, YouTube, YT, magicviews.exe, free, download | Rating: 4.2/5
Total comments: 9
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9 Fiwmore  
Send to my e-mail please, I can't donwload!!

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8 Ana  
Link For Download Work , Program Not Working In Windows XP???? =/

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6 som1  
Can u send this via skype pls
my skypee name is thekdshow

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7 comyD  
just download it man. (click the download image)

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5 Elliott  
Add my skype and send it to me please. ImWestyy

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4 can someone send it to my email ??  

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3 j3hpro  
how do i download this can u send it to me on skype my skype is jayhplus

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2 shather  
when i clicked on that "download image" it's said "page cannot be found"

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1 anom  
thank you for sending this to me via skype! it worx so far. but it can only give 600 - 800 views at a time...

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